Truck Insurance with over 80 Years Experience Behind It

You work hard and deserve an insurance agent that will work hard for you. Whether you are an owner-operator or running a fleet, there is a lot riding on your shoulders. Get peace of mind by protecting yourself with the right coverage at the right price. You can count on us to do that for you.

The Right Technology Means the Right Truck Insurance

We represent all major trucking insurance companies, so we have a range of options to offer to our clients. We pay attention to the big picture when recommending insurance coverage, leveraging analytics to keep costs low and coverage high. We also have the technology and expertise necessary to do careful claims reviews when necessary. That way, your interests are protected at every step.

Great Service Makes Things Quick and Easy

And if you just need a certificate right away? We can do that, too. Our super responsive staff is there when you call to make sure you have the information you need when you need it. You’re always supported by the team at Sherman Insurance.

Convenient Access to the Client Portal

Our client portal is an easy way to access the information you need when you need it. See and print certificates, ID cards and insurance documents (including your MCS-90). Upload driver’s lists and handle bonds and billing conveniently.

When You Partner With Sherman Insurance You'll Get

  • A fast and easy application process.
  • Quick responses to your phone calls and emails.
  • Good (low) prices.
  • Guaranteed issuance of insurance certificates quickly or direct access to our system from your office.
  • Subrogation efforts to help recover your dollars.
  • Claims review and workers’ compensation mod factor analysis.
  • Combined deductibles and flexible payment plans and programs.
  • Safety and accident prevention programs.
  • Compliance consultation.
  • 24/7 access and online claim status review.

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